So we continue to preach Christ to each person, using all wisdom to warn and to teach everyone, in order to bring each one into God’s presence as a mature person in Christ. Colossians 1:28

God wants to be known by all people. From creation to the end of time God never stops reaching out to draw people to himself - for God is love. History reveals however, people choosing not to be known by God, choosing to worship other gods, choosing to live apart from God all of which result in alienation, destruction and sin entering the world. But God never stopped loving! When the time was fully right, God forgave people through Jesus Christ by his death and resurrection from the grave. What God did in Christ is the good news or gospel the church announces - it’s the message that God is reaching out in love to be known by all people through faith in Jesus Christ and the truth that God’s power has been unleashed into the world defeating sin and death and in time making all things right.

For thirty eight years, with the help of the Holy Spirit, Thornapple Covenant Church has been called to help people find and follow Jesus (John 1:35-51). We believe this to be our main task and by keeping this calling ever before us we are able to participate in God’s desire that all people come to know God and that all things be made right in and through Jesus our Lord.

As a community of Jesus we believe we are called to know Jesus and follow him by centering our lives around him and by doing so experience his transforming presence, a transformation by which we become more like Christ, know his abundance in our lives and willingly live like Christ for the sake of others. With joy and gratitude we call each other to order our lives according to the following key discipleship habits:
-   Look to God in Prayer
    Practicing the presence of God through prayer and worship.
-   Listen to God in Word and Worship
    Learning the art of listening to the Spirit through Scripture.
-   Lean on Others in Your Close Relationships
    Practicing gracious authentic Christian community.
-   Surrender to God’s Transformation
    Growing in Christian identity, obedience and Christlikeness.
-   Serve God Each Day
    Discovering and fulfilling their God-given vocations in the home,
    community and world so that people find and follow Jesus.

It is our hope and prayer that as we help people find and follow Jesus and as we grow into living the habits of the disciple’s life we will hear stories of life transformation, people coming to faith in Jesus Christ, healing, compelling Christian community, biblical discovery, God making things right, sacrificial generosity, local and global cross-cultural engagement.

DENOMINATION: We are a part of The Evangelical Covenant Church. The Evangelical Covenant Church is a denomination of more than eight hundred churches in the United States and Canada. It was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1885 as a voluntary covenant of churches committed to working together to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Covenant churches emphasize the Bible's witness to new life in Jesus Christ expressed in a day to day walk with the Lord.  

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