Free for Thornapple members, this incredible program allows Thornapple to offer counseling to our congregation for a variety of issues along with access an online library FULL of resources. (Download this flier for the full details.)

Services Available:

  • Counseling & therapy
  • Assessment for substance use
  • Elder care consultation
  • Legal consultation
  • Financial consultation
  • Access to extensive online library of resources (video library username: Thornapple)

All you need to do when you call is say “I have a CAP with Thornapple Covenant Church” so that you will not be billed. The services are offered to each member of your family – it is not just “per family.”

Make an appointment: 616-455-6210 or 800-442-0809

Pine Rest is a leading Christian mental health service organization and is well known around the country for their excellent work.