(Birth to 3-years-old)
Sunday mornings during all services

Learning of God’s amazing and unconditional love for us begins right from the start. We believe in creating a safe, loving environment where our youngest friends can begin to experience what it is to be embraced by God’s love and the nursery is a great place to start learning this foundational truth.

Each of our volunteers is screened through an application process and background check. Our nurseries are open during each worship service. You may register and “check-in” at the nursery counter in the Lower Level.

If you are interested in volunteering in the nursery (we can always use extra help and it is only a 4-hour a year commitment), please contact Lisa Udell.

Children’s Worship

(4-years-old to 1st grade)
Sunday mornings (September-May)
during first service in the Lower Level

This reverent, experiential approach to worship helps young children go beyond just learning about God and the Bible. In uniquely equipped Worship Centers, leaders guide children in age-appropriate worship that includes praise songs, storytelling, learning the church calendar and personal response to the story told.

Kids Zone

4s-5th grade
(September-May) during 10:30am service only in the Lower Level*

During the second service on Sunday mornings*, children are taught Bible lessons through creative, fun and age-appropriate curriculum. Following a large group lesson and worship, we practice the intentional shepherding of your children through breaking up into small groups to respond to the mornings’ lesson and where each child is cared for by an adult leader.

*First Sundays of the Month

We believe it is important in faith development for the generations of the church to worship together. Therefore, on the first Sunday of every month, everyone 1st grade and up gathers to worship together in the Sanctuary and Kids Zone does not meet in the Lower Level.

Chidlrens Crew 52 IMG_1691

Specials Needs

All school ages
Sunday mornings

In our Special Needs ministry we seek to create a safe, loving and enjoyable environment that meets the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of each child. Special Needs care is individualized and arranged as needed. If you have a child with special needs, please contact Lisa Udell so that we can discuss the best way to minister to your child’s needs.


(3rd-5th grade)
1st and 3rd Wednesday evenings,
September through March | 6:30-8pm

The “tween” years (3rd to 5th grade) are a wonderful yet confusing time for kids. Our Trailblazer ministry seeks to build relationships with kids during this in between time. We encourage them to put their faith into action as they explore how to “Leave Your Mark” on our world in our relationships, community and world. Did we mention that they have a ton of fun too?

Learn more about what we have going on during our “school year” Wednesday Nights.


Safety Policy

We take the safety of the children entrusted to us very seriously. In fact, this is something we believe we need to be 100% right on all the time. Therefore, we have policies in place to help make this a safe place physically, emotionally and spiritually for your child. Each of our volunteers has filled out an application and voluntarily submitted themselves to a criminal background check.

Fire/Emergency Procedures
We practice fire drills for our lower level classrooms twice a year. In the event of a real emergency, please note our procedure below:

  • Stay calm.
  • Parents do not go downstairs to your child(ren). Children are being evacuated. No help is needed – parents coming downstairs will only add confusion. In an actual evacuation, you would meet your child(ren) at Cascade Fellowship CRC (southeast of Thornapple on Cascade Road).
  • The Safety and Security Team is helping to evacuate the lower level, especially the nurseries. Adult leaders are all familiar with how to evacuate children from the church and will be leading everyone from the lower level to safety.
  • Ushers will assist in evacuation of the upper level, especially the elderly and those in wheelchairs/with walkers.

Read our full safety policy.

For more information OR if you have a desire to volunteer in Children’s Ministry, contact our staff:

Upcoming Children’s Events