Sunday mornings at 10:30am | Community Center (Right)

Formation & Fellowship is a place to connect and grow in your faith. It is a fresh approach to understanding faith taught by a team of teachers. Each week teachers will present engaging biblical ideas and help you integrate them into your life. You’ll also have a chance to get to know others from your church. Coffee and snacks provided. Anyone high school age and older is invited to join us at any time.

Spring Topics/Dates:

Mar 1: Returning to God and Introduction to Lent

Mar 8: Cultivating a Contrite Heart (Contrition vs. Attrition)

Mar 15: Confessing Sin (Confession and the Promise of Forgiveness)

Mar 22: Turning from Sin (Amendment of Life vs. Quick Resolution)

Mar 29: Offering an Apology (Setting Things Right)

Spring Teaching Team: Phil Fox, Susan Harrell, Ben Ingebretson, Karen Ingebretson, Brenda Veltman