Alpha – Part 1 | Tuesday Evenings | TBA | 7:00pm
at Mary Free Bed YMCA (5500 Burton Street SE 49546)

Curious about exploring life and the Christian faith? Do you know someone who is curious about spirituality? The Alpha Course is a series of interactive sessions which invite people to talk about the meaning of life, learn about Jesus Christ and faith in an open, friendly, informal environment. Thornapple is launching Alpha this fall at the Mary Free Bed YMCA. We’ll meet Tuesday nights starting at 7:00pm. Childcare is available at/through the YMCA (free for YMCA members, minimal fee for non-members).

Please join us Tuesday nights this fall… bring someone with you – a friend, family member or neighbor – to explore the Christian faith. The questions addressed in the sessions include: “Is There More to Life Than This?”, “Who is Jesus?”, “Why Did Jesus Die?”, “How Can I Have Faith?”, “Why & How Should I Pray?”and “Why & How Should I Read the Bible?”

Learn more about Alpha. Any questions? Contact Kimberly Korpak.