Online Annual Meeting of Thornapple Covenant Church
Sunday, February 21, 2021 at Noon on Zoom

All members and friends are warmly encouraged to attend the Annual Meeting.

We are planning a significantly shorter annual meeting this year given the online format. To prepare for the Annual Meeting, we hope you will review the thoughtfully prepared pre-read materials available on the bottom of this page, watch the highlight videos linked to below and/or watch the recording of the Feb. 7 Town Meeting (linked above).

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The Year In Review and Annual Meeting Pre-Read Packet are available at the bottom of this page (or by clicking the images on the right). You can request to have a hard copy of either document mailed to you by contacting the church office ( or 616.957.0580).

Annual Meeting Agenda:

  • Determination of quorum
  • Call to order
  • Leadership Responses
  • Open Floor
  • Balloting
  • Results
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Under the Bylaws, any Active Member may nominate other persons to fill any leadership vacancies, but must do so by providing written notice to the Council of Elders. All nominations require the consent of the individual nominated and should be received by the Council Chair no later than February 17, 2021.

Active members who cannot attend the meeting will be able to vote by proxy or absentee ballot. If you are an active member and cannot attend, please consider the following:

  • Voting by Proxy: This method is preferred since a proxy counts toward a quorum. Please complete a Proxy Form and turn it in to the church office or email it by Noon on February 21, 2021 so your designated person can serve as your designee for the Annual Meeting. Please note: A member can only serve as a proxy to one person.
  • Voting by Absentee Ballot: An absentee ballot does not count towards our quorum, but does enable your to voice to be heard. 

Forms are available at the bottom of this page. Print the form and complete it; Absentee Ballots and Proxy Forms should be turned into the church office or emailed by Noon, February 21. 

Annual Meeting Documents