Lake Powell, Utah | June 15-22

Lake Powell is home to some pretty incredible opportunities for hiking, swimming, exploring and adventuring. Located on the border of Arizona and Utah, we will tent camp right on the edge of Lake Powell for a week, while we explore the surrounding area and taking in some of God’s majestic handiwork. Every day we will have a different kind of excursion to a new site, allowing kids to check out the unique landscape of the southwest. Our students will get a chance to check out Antelope Canyon, Rainbow Bridge and Rock Creek Bay, as well as have the opportunity to mountain bike, rock climb and rent canoes.

This trip is all about giving our students a unique opportunity to see a part of the country they probably haven’t before, and to share different experiences with their peers in the youth group. In the past, the adventure trip has been marketed to be a “push-your-limits” kind of week, but we are pivoting this trip to be more about relationships and community building. We will see some jaw-dropping parts of God’s creation and have in-depth conversations about our God together. This trip is meant to be inclusive and inviting for all kids. It may still be difficult (we are going to go for a few hikes in the desert in June) but all students would benefit greatly from coming on this journey with us.

We will also have a greater push for spiritual growth and transformation, talking along the lines of moving through “Spiritually Rich” places to “Spiritually Dry” places, using the testimonies of Adam and Eve, Noah, Israel, Moses, Joseph, Elijah, Jonah, Jesus and Paul to talk about what happens when we move from “the Water to the Wilderness.”​ Students will have significant time dedicated to worship, devotion and prayer.

Registration & Cost
We will be flying from Grand Rapids to the Southwest (either Las Vegas or Phoenix, about 4 hours from Lake Powell) and drive to the campsite, instead of taking three days to drive from Grand Rapids.

The trip is estimated to cost $400 per person ($200 for activities in Lake Powell and $200 for flights). Final cost will need to be paid prior to departure once determined (flight costs won’t be settled until we have a firm number for the trip after registration has closed). To reserve your student’s spot, we are requesting a $100 registration fee to be paid upon registration (cash, check or credit card).

Please note: cost should never prohibit someone from going on this trip, so if you would like to know about scholarship opportunities, please email Cory Hendrickson! Student Ministries will be having fundraisers like the I <3 TSM Brunch and the TSM 5K to help balance out the cost.

Note: The last day to register is Sunday, January 27.



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