When: October 21-27 | Who: All of Thornapple

What is the Matthew 25 Challenge?
The Matthew 25 Challenge is a week long experience to help your understanding of the needs that exist in the world. To deepen your understanding daily messages (i.e., challenges) will be sent to you via text or email.

How will the Matthew 25 Challenge be communicated?
Two options exist for you to sign up, text or email. You can learn more and sign up by going to World Vision’s Matthew 25 page.
NOTE: You can sign up now by texting “M25” to 44888 and you will be prompted to select the date you would like to participate in the challenge (pick Oct. 21 to participate at the same time as the rest of Thornapple).

Why should I participate in the Matthew 25 Challenge?
The Challenge can absolutely have a lasting impact on you and your family. It provides a unique opportunity for you to learn about the living conditions of some of the people groups referenced in the Matthew 25 text.

When is the Matthew 25 Challenge happening?
Thornapple Covenant Church will be participating in the Challenge as a church starting Oct. 21 (we’ll officially introduce the Challenge during worship on Oct. 20).

Bonus: To get more out of this experience with your whole family, download this guide!