TSM TWIN CITIES SERVICE TRIP | St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN | July 14-20

TSM’s high school summer service trip is going to the Twin Cities in Minnesota! We will be going through an organization called LEAD Missions, and partnering with different ministries all over St. Paul/Minneapolis who are reaching the poor, hurting, lonely and spiritually lost.


ABOUT LEAD MISSIONS Twin Cities, is being hosted by LEAD222 Youth Pastors from the Minnesota Region. Our students will be confronted with the reality of poverty in the US, cross-cultural tensions and opportunities to present the Gospel to those who are far from Jesus. Add to these experiences the training, leadership development and mentoring elements woven into each day this trip is sure to bear fruit for God’s Kingdom both here in the Twin Cities as well as back home as youth pastors and students alike return to their churches with the same heart of living a life of mission and mentorship. Our plan for this trip also includes continuing to serve into the evening with some of our partners.