Wednesday, April 28 | 6:30-9pm at Thornapple

Fellowship | Food | Games | Virtual Gathering with teens from across the Covenant church

Amid a 2020-2021 school year that has experienced upheaval due to the Covid-19 pandemic as well as deep political and racial divides, teenagers are invited to attend a virtual Unite for Hope gathering on April 28.

Thornapple Student Ministries is hosting an evening, kicking off with food and games and concluding with watching the event put on by the Evangelical Covenant Church. Even though we will watch as a group, the organizers have asked that everyone signs up individually as well, sign up here!

“Everything in our lives has either been canceled or turned upside down. And yet, even during this pain and challenge, there is still hope in Jesus Christ,” said Tim Ciccone, director of youth ministry for the Evangelical Covenant Church.

Maurice Cox, teaching pastor at Ascent Community Church in Louisville, Colorado, will be the speaker for the evening. He has been a bridge-builder across cultural backgrounds and created spaces where people can pursue biblical multiethnic reconciliation. Students from across the Evangelical Covenant Church also will share.

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