Always Making Room Capital Campaign Pledge Information

  1. AMR pledges are due to expire on 12/31/2019 except for those individual donors who have previously communicated a later pledge end date into 2020 or beyond. All such pledges expiring 12/31/2019 will no longer show on donor contribution statements beginning in January, even if an individual donor’s original pledge was not completely fulfilled.
  2. Donors may continue to give to the Building Fund after 12/31/2019 by using the blue AMR envelopes or by designating a gift to the Building Fund through the online giving portal, but there will be no impact on the previous pledge recorded from prior years, just the actual contribution amount for the current year.  
  3. IMPORTANT:  Anyone who wishes to discontinue giving to the AMR Building Fund after 12/31/2019 and has been using the recurring giving function to make regular contributions to the Building Fund through the online giving portal should update his/her payment profile through the portal to discontinue giving to that fund.