We’re so excited you’d like to join a small group at Thornapple!

Below is a listing of all the current small groups/leaders with a brief description of the group’s demographics. Those listed in BOLD with an asterisk have openings for new people to join. To join a small group, email the leader directly or email Lynne McLaughlin to get the ball rolling. If you would like to start a NEW group, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Simon & Michelle Bennett
    Type: Families in their 40s
Location: church & homes
Contact: ememby@gmail.com

*Jeff & Jana Broughton
    Type: Intergenerational
Location: 1294 Stoneshire Dr SE, Grand Rapids
Contact: jana.l.broughton@gmail.com

*Randy & Anne Christenson
    Type: Retirees
Location: 6160 Bellflower Ct., Caledonia
Contact: archris10son@gmail.com

Steve & Sue Clay
    Type: Empty-nesters
Location: various homes
Contact: stevenpclay@gmail.com

Martha Couturier & Bette Ohlman
    Type: Empty-nesters
Location: Homes around Cascade
Contact: marthacouturier7@gmail.com

*Brian & Sarah DeBaets
    Type: Families in their 40s
Location: church & homes
Contact: sadebaets@gmail.com

Jamin & Amy DeJong
Type: Elementary-aged families
Location: various homes
Contact: akraii66@gmail.com

Mark & Mary Green
    Type: Empty-nesters
Location: East Grand Rapids
Contact: greenme@mac.com

Jeff & Laurie Guikema
    Type: Families with teens/young adults
Location: various homes
Contact: jguikema@hotmail.com

Eric & Cassie Heiss
    Type: Empty-nesters
Location: various homes
Contact: eandcheiss@att.net

Jim & Barb Hoogeboom
    Type: Empty-nesters/retirees
Location: various homes in Cascade
Contact: barb.hoogeboom@gmail.com

*Jeff & Sharon Hughes
    Type: Intergenerational
Location: 7250 Red Bull Lane SE, Grand Rapids
Contact: jhughessetc@comcast.net

Steve & Jacquie Johnson
    Type: Intergenerational
    Location: Church
Contact: stevejac97@yahoo.com

Doug & Kim Josephson
    Type: Empty Nesters
    Location: 5763 Preservation Ct NE, Ada
Contact: dougkimjosephson@gmail.com

Brad & Pamela Koch
    Type: Intergenerational Families
Location: 2445 Shears Crossing, Grand Rapids
Contact: pltkoch@gmail.com

Al & Linda LaRue
    Type: Retirees
Location: various homes
Contact: linal71@sbcglobal.net

Kevin & Kelly Loubert
    Type: Families with adult children
Location: various homes
Contact: K2Loubert@aol.com 

Kirk & Gail Mortenson
    Type: Families with adult children
Location: various homes
Contact: kgmort1@gmail.com

*Phil & Jan Schneider
    Type: Empty-nesters/retirees
Location: 1872 Signature Dr. Ada
Contact: janschneider02@gmail.com


Bill & Florence Post
    Type: Retirees
Location: 4901 N. Quail Crest SE, Grand Rapids
Contact: poptart1@comcast.net

Ryan & Erin Russell
    Type: Families in their 40s
Location: church & homes
Contact: shoe1279@hotmail.com

Simon & Emily Veldkamp
    Type: Young marrieds
Location: various homes
Contact: seveldkamp13@gmail.com 

Roy & Valerie Williams
    Type: Empty-nesters
Location: various homes
Contact: roywilli@gmail.com

Ruth & Walt Wolf
    Type: Intergenerational
Location: various homes
Contact: ruth@moxonwolf.net 

*Shalini & Byard Bennett
    Type: Young Adults
Location: 6578 Brookhills Ct SE, Grand Rapids
Contact: shalinibennett@gmail.com


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