The first Sunday of every month!

We have a monthly all church practice at Thornapple, the practice of eating together in our homes (Romans 12:13; Hebrews 13:2). There is no grand plan or sign up process, just an encouragement to invite others to eat a Sunday lunch with you. We call it Room at the Table.

As a community of Jesus Christ we celebrate the Lord's Table on the first Sunday of the month. This joyful feast of the people of God is a meal of welcome, forgiveness, grace, and reconciliation for disciples of Jesus. For early Christians however, the celebration of the Lord's Table took place in the context of an "agape" feast, a meal that brought disciples together across ethnic and social boundaries to give thanks for their new life in Christ. During these early years, to be a disciple of Jesus Christ was to be a part of a new family of faith, a family where all people were welcomed and true hospitality at meals was offered to others. There was always room at the table for others.

On the first Sunday of the month prayerfully plan on inviting new guests or friends over for lunch. Our hope is that no one eats alone that Sunday.

Pastor Rob