Suggestions for taking a Sabbath rest:

  1. Sabbath could be a day, hour, or moment in time.
  2. Sabbath should include time in nature.
  3. Sabbath should include meals with family and friends.
  4. Sabbath might be more meaningful if we unplug from technology.
  5. Faithful Sabbath keeping cultivates thoughtful awareness of life and God's gifts.
  6. Sabbath should be unproductive.
  7. Sabbath must include prayer.
  8. Sabbath should offer blessing to others in our life.
  9. Sabbath should include some time of silence.
  10. Sabbath should include remembering our freedom in Christ.
  11. Sabbath keeping may need creative collaboration with others.
  12. Sabbath can be taken anytime as long as it is regular.